A New Movement

About the March Forward Massachusetts Action Fund

March Forward Massachusetts Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization born from the goodwill and partnerships of the Boston Women’s March for America, seeks to engage and build community with advocates for issues like social justice, discrimination, voting rights, the environment, gun safety, the courts, healthcare, immigration, the minimum wage, workers rights, and human dignity.

March Forward Massachusetts Action Fund will advocate policies that empower communities who have been marginalized and denied equality, including women, LGBTQIA, those with disabilities, immigrants, refugees, people of color, indigenous people, religious minorities, and more.

The organization seeks to support and connect both new and seasoned activists with common cause organizations—to build partnerships, to take bold, constructive, and peaceful action in pursuit of progressive policy, and to resist any efforts to undermine these objectives

For questions and general inquiries, please email us at [email protected]

PHOTO: Sarah Putnam

Karen Cosmas, Deputy Director
Kate LaGreca,  Press Contact



Yordanos Eyoel
Julie Gerschick
Alan Khazei
Natalie Sanchez
Kim Whittaker


Nikko Mendoza, Co-Chair
Joanna Shea O’Brien, Co-Chair

Mari Badger
Elizabeth Bartle
Celina Barrios-Millner
Vedette Gavin
Tami Gouveia
Sonya Khan
Melissa Luna
JB Lyon
Reverend Irene Monroe
Charlotte Golar Richie
Zack Steigerwald Schnall
Tanisha M. Sullivan
Lisa Wong
Shelley Yen-Ewert